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'At Lakeside we are PROUD to THRIVE'

The Thrive Approach is used at Lakeside to focus upon children's emotional well-being. It offers practical strategies and skills that are built around assessments which identify children’s emotional development. Our qualified and highly experienced Thrive practitioners provide action plans for individual, small group and whole class needs. The sessions may take the form of small groups and one to one opportunities.

Children may experience challenging situations during their time at school. These may include:

  • friendship or family issues,
  • classroom behaviour,
  • managing and regulating strong feelings.

Our Thrive sessions may include the following activities:

  • storytelling,
  • circle games,
  • arts and crafts,
  • sand play,
  • movement and relaxation,
  • role play and puppet work
  • games.

With Thrive, our purpose is to support the Lakeside School vision of encouraging children to think for themselves, show initiative, gain confidence and to show tolerance and awareness of others

For more information about the Thrive approach contact our Thrive practitioners (Miss Sarah Rees or Ms. Katie Blackwell) or see the Thrive website.

A Parental Guide to Thrive
THRIVE Summer Activities

These are new and look good to do during the holidays.