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ARCHIVE - CURRICULUM INFORMATION 2019-2020 - Year 3 Yearly Overview 2019-2020 (Subject to on-going review)
ARCHIVE - CURRICULUM INFORMATION 2019-2020 - Year 3 Curriculum Map - Autumn Term 2019

We will develop our perception of ourselves, as well as others, to realise how our individual attributes can be combined to create something wonderful. We will be linking our attributes to those of explorers and how life experiences can change our views and who we are. We will be writing to our future selves to think about our aspirations and who we want to be. We will be considering what it is like living in Britain today, linked to the British Values.

ARCHIVE - CURRICULUM INFORMATION 2019-20 - Year 3 Spring Term 2019 Curriculum Map 'No place like Rome'

This term will develop the concept of 'Where I am?' and how it’s changed over time. This will be linked to the local history of both Cheltenham and Gloucester (Glevum).

ARCHIVE - USEFUL INFORMATION 2019-2020 - Year 3 Information for Parents