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Year 4 Home Learning Autumn 2020

Please use these resources to support any home learning if your child has to stay at home. English lessons and additional wider curriculum resources can be accessed via The Oak National Academy; just select the schedule for your child's year group. 
The Oak National Academy

Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning section of the school website
On this page you will be able to access the following resources:

1. Home Learning Mats 
2. Maths Resources 
3. Resources to further support your child at home e.g. videos and resources for tasks on the home learning mats
Mental Health Week

These resources have been put together by our friends at Move More to help you and your children engage in Mental Health Week. Enjoy.

ARCHIVE- Traditional Tales Task: The Four Little Pigs

Author Kimara Nye reads 'The Four Little Pigs' to us.

ARCHIVE- Videos to support Can Do Maths- Written Methods
Written Multiplication and using known facts
Written division (small error in the second question. I mean to say the remainder 2 goes to my ones not my hundreds. Silly me!)
Written Addition
Written Subtraction
ARCHIVE- Videos to support Can Do Maths- Mental Methods
Adding and subtracting ones mentally
Adding and subtracting tens mentally
Adding and subtracting hundreds and thousands mentally
Rounding then adjusting when adding and subtracting mentally