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Welcome to the Year 4 Home Learning section of the school website
On this page you will be able to access the following resources:

1. Home Learning Mats 
2. Maths Resources 
3. Resources to further support your child at home e.g. videos and resources for tasks on the home learning mats
Traditional Tales Task: The Four Little Pigs

Author Kimara Nye reads 'The Four Little Pigs' to us.

Videos to support Can Do Maths- Written Methods
Written Multiplication and using known facts
Written division (small error in the second question. I mean to say the remainder 2 goes to my ones not my hundreds. Silly me!)
Written Addition
Written Subtraction
Videos to support Can Do Maths- Mental Methods
Adding and subtracting ones mentally
Adding and subtracting tens mentally
Adding and subtracting hundreds and thousands mentally
Rounding then adjusting when adding and subtracting mentally