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Welcome to our Art and Design Curriculum 

We encourage children’s artistic development from Reception through to Year 6.  Our art curriculum, which encompasses the objectives outlined in the national curriculum, covers a range of strands which include drawing and painting; 3D Art – this includes sculpture and textiles; and Digital Art.

The curriculum also builds progression in three areas of art

  • portrait
  • landscape
  • line and pattern.

Each term of learning begins in the same way with children studying an artist’s work in detail. The artist will be chosen because of their work is a strong example of a particular skill across the strands and areas.

Following a detailed understanding of the artist’s work, pupils will have the chance to imitate part of the artwork or skill demonstrated in the artworks. Once the pupils have developed confidence and skills to imitate what they have observed and understood, they innovate their own works using and applying the new knowledge and skills taught with freedom. 

National Curriculum and Subject Progression Overviews for Art and Design