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Lakeside Primary School

Hatherley Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL51 6HR

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Staff at Lakeside Primary School

Headteacher: Mr B Jordan

Deputy Headteacher: Miss T Richards

Leadership Team:
Miss L Paddock (EYFS)
Mrs J Whitmore (Key Stage 1)
Miss L Twinning (Lower Key Stage 2)
Mrs C Veli (Upper Key Stage 2) 

Inclusion Manager (SENDCo): Miss J Hinch  

Business Manager: Mrs J Main

Reception Classes
Class RS
Teacher: Miss R Sims
Teaching partner: Miss R Legg (maternity leave)
Class RG
Teacher: Miss H Griffin
Teaching partner: Miss S Harrod
Class RP 
Teacher: Miss L Paddock
Teaching partner: Mrs C Smith

Year One
Class 1TF
Teacher: Mrs K Tomkins & Mr R Fisher
Class 1MG
Teachers: Mrs S Moore & Mrs C Gourley
Class 1S
Teacher: Miss S Swift

Year 1 Teaching Partners: Ms W Daniel, Mrs C Stevens & Mrs T Keen

Year Two
Class 2D
Teacher: Miss P Dhillon
Class 2W
Teachers: Mrs J Whitmore
Class 2Y
Teachers: Miss L Young

Year 2 Teaching Partners: Mrs K Connolly, Mrs C Lott & Miss R Wallace

Year Three
Class 3W
Teacher: Mr S Wilson
Class 3I
Teacher: Miss S Bird
Class 3T
Teacher: Miss L Twinning

Year Four
Class 4S
Teacher: Mrs C Smith
Class 4J
Teachers: Mr N Jones
Class 4H
Teachers: Mr H Hibell

Year 3 and 4 PPA Teacher: Mrs J Ingram (maternity leave)

Year 3 and 4 Teaching Partners: Miss D Guest, Mrs C Hathaway, Mrs T Stewart, Mrs T Gohil & Mrs J Martin

Year Five
Class 5M
Teacher:  Mr L Mansell
Class 5W
Teacher: Mrs E Watson

Year Six
Class 6H
Teacher: Mr D Herbert
Class 6V
Teacher: Mrs C Veli

Year 5 PPA Teacher: Miss T Richards
Year 6 PPA Teacher: Mrs R Rice

Year 5 and 6 Teaching Partners: Mrs K Evans, Mrs S Evans, Mrs N Chaudhry & Miss E Collins

Other School Staff 
Office - Mrs S Bailey & Mrs R Carter

Site Manager - Mr J Lane

Caretaker - Mr P Harwood

SENDCo Assistant - Miss S Rees

SEND Support Staff - Mrs C Leaver, Mrs K Thatcher, Ms H Stallard & Miss R Berry
Midday Supervisors - Ms J Gibbs, Miss R Barr & Mrs C Hearn (maternity leave)