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In Year 1 children move from the Early Years Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1. We continue to build upon the progress the children have made during their Reception year and to encourage greater independence in subtle ways.

The Year 1 team:
Class 1MG: Mrs C Gourley & Mrs S Moore
Class 1FT: Mrs K Tomkins & Mr R Fisher
Class 1S: Miss S Swift

Teaching Partners: Ms W Daniel, Mrs C Stevens & Mrs T Keen

Our Curriculum: 
Autumn Term: 'Under Construction'
Spring Term: 'Rainforests'
Summer Term: 'Sailing the Stormy Seas' (New Summer Term 2019)


Helpful Information  
PE: Monday (outdoor games), Tuesday (indoor PE). It is suggested that children keep PE kits in school from Monday-Friday. 

Summer Term 'Sailing the Stormy Seas'

Welcome to the Year 1 summer term topic 'Sailing the Stormy Seas'. Our key question is to explore what lies beneath the ocean. We will be using two key texts to support this topic and they will be 'Lost and Found' and 'Faraway Bear'. We aim to develop the children's understanding of the world and comparing and contrasting an area in the United Kingdom.

Spring Term Theme: 'Under The Canopy'

This term, our theme is ‘Under the Canopy.' We have turned our classrooms into Rainforests so that we can really bring our topic to life. Rainforests are hugely exciting places, rich in animals, minerals, plants, rain, mosquitoes, history, culture, adventure… so it should come as no surprise that rainforests are a great source of inspiration for our Year 1 curriculum. We have some fantastic first hand experiences with Jungle Johnathon and the Explorer Dome, and we cannot wait to share them with you. Keep checking out our Year 1 twitter page to see what we are learning about each week. Please let us know if you have your own Rainforest stories or experiences to share with the Year 1 children, we would love to hear all about them.

Autumn Term Experiences in Year 1