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Welcome to Year 5: 2016 -17

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Introducing the Y5 team: 2016-17

Class 14: Miss Ricahrds/Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Wallace

Class 15: Mr Jones, Mrs Leech and Mrs Taylor


Summer 1 Term's Theme - 'Toil and Trouble'

Click here for themes map: /docs/Summer 1 Y5 theme map - Toil or Trouble.doc

                                                              /docs/Summer 2 Y5 theme map - Melting_Point.doc

‘Toil and Trouble’ and ‘Melting Point’

 We’re very excited about our themes for this term.  Not only will we be spending an action packed three days at PGL, we will also enjoy learning about Shakespeare, and in particular his play Macbeth, through drama and writing.  In addition to this, children will design and make puppets of witches, learn how to rap (Shakespeare was good at this!) and create photo stories on the computer.  Children will also explore maps and plans of Scotland and Stratford, as well as compare Stratford in Shakespeare’s time to what it is like now.  For PE, we will continue with hockey skills for this half term, alongside team building activities.

After half term, we will focus our learning on the Mayan culture.  Children will explore home life, architecture, rituals and art through a variety of activities.  Of course, most importantly, Mayans were known for their cultivation of the cocoa bean which means we may have to eat chocolate!  We will investigate chocolate in both liquid and solid form, as part of our science focus – changing state.   In addition, we will revisit Space for a day as part of our visit to the Cheltenham Science Festival in June.    PE after half term will focus on athletics and orientation skills.

Spring Term's Theme - 'Cosmic Encounters'

Click here: /docs/Y5_Cosmic_Encounters_spring_term_theme_map_2017.doc

Y5 spring theme – ‘Cosmic Encounters’

During this term we will be investigating ‘Cosmic Encounters’. In this fascinating science-based theme, we will be exploring the movement between our home planet, the Moon and Sun as well as the other planetary bodies that inhabit our solar system. We are hoping to organise a visit from a planetarium, enabling the children to experience and survey the night sky and all the wonders in it.

The arts will be explored through musical studies of local composer, Gustav Holst and his Planet Suite, along with visual studies of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, both of which will hopefully inspire the children to create their own pieces.

As the new term blasts off, the children will be enlisted into our Astronaut Cadet Training Programme, in which they will need to display not only their fitness during PE, but also their knowledge of what they learn over the following weeks, in order to graduate at the end of term.

Autumn Term's Theme: 'Greece Lightning'

Click here for theme map: Greece Lightning Theme Map - Y4

Year 5 have an exciting few months this term as they will delve into all things Greek! We are basing our learning on a book called “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” and the myths that are intertwined within it. Through our topic, we plan to build our very own Archimedes Screw and investigate the science behind it, we will be creating moving characters to use in a Greek amphitheatre and we will also be celebrating the Greeks by showcasing music, our knowledge about Grecian dress and Grecian food at a banquet for our lovely year 5 parents. In addition to this, the children are very excited about a Greek Pottery workshop coming to Lakeside, where they will be able to sculpt their own pot on a potter’s wheel. We can’t wait to get stuck in.




Last year's themes: 2015-16

Summer Term 2016 - Summer Theme Map (About Time!)
This term our theme in Year 5 is called 'About Time!' We are really excited to be studying something a bit different. Our theme will explore how aspects of Cheltenham, in particular the High Street, have changed throughout history.  The theme will also encompass changes in food technology and changes in music therefore we will be doing lots of cooking and lots of musical composition.  The children will also be developing key skills in fieldwork, observational drawing and research. We can't wait to get started!


Spring Term 2016 - Spring Theme Map (Reach For The Stars)

Throughout the Spring term our Year 5 theme is called Reach for the Stars! In it the children’s learning will focus on Space. They will learn about the sun, moon and earth as well as the other planets in our solar system. The children will consider how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by training like an astronaut in PE. They will also experience the night sky through an exciting visit from the Planetarium. 

Autumn Term 2015 - Autumn Theme Map (Master Builders)

Our first theme of the year is "Master Builders"  which focuses on the Ancient Greeks. Through studying some significant Greek buildings, we will explore the culture of this fascinating period of history.

Homework: Homework is given out on a Friday and brought back in to school the following Thursday. Children are given English, Maths and spelling homework. It is suggested that children spend 30 minutes on each piece. P.E days: Friday and Tuesday. It is suggested that children keep P.E kit in school from Monday to Friday.


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