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Welcome to Year 4: 2016-17

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Here is the team:

Class 12: Miss Hammond and Mrs Evans
Class 13: Mrs Gourley, Mr Loach and Mrs Hathaway




Spring Term's Theme - 2016-17: 'Plough to Plate'

Click on the link:'Plough to Plate' theme map Year 4

Our next theme is called 'Plough to Plate'. We will be looking at where our food comes from, with particular links to Fairtrade and sustainability. Year 4 will also learn about how food is digested in our bodies and how teeth work. Whilst looking at different food groups, we will be exploring what makes food or drink healthy or unhealthy. In addition, we will share the exploration of  food through our reading and  writing. We will be making healthy snacks through our DT sessions and exploring artists who have drawn/painted food.


Autumn Term's Theme - 2016-17: 'Superheroes'



Last year's themes: 2015-16.

Summer Term 2016 - Summer Theme Map (Tomb Raiders)

 Welcome back to Year 4. This term we are Tomb Raiders! We will be exploring the history of Ancient Egypt, delving into the pyramids and tombs, flowing along the River Nile and walking like an Egyptian. We will be swimming on a Monday this term; parent helpers would be very welcome. Please see Miss Hammond or Miss Twinning about possible dates to help out. 

Spring Term 2016 - Spring Theme Map (Food For Thought)

This term we will be exploring all things food! We will be looking at the process of farm to fork, learning about where our food comes from and how it affects us locally, nationally and globally.

Autumn Term 2015 -  Autumn Theme Map (Aiming High)

Our first theme this year is "Aiming High" and we will be looking at Superheroes in fiction, real-life Superheroes and architecture, as well as making their own superhero costume and developing a dance. Click on the link below to find out more:

Homework: Homework is given out on a Friday and brought back in to school the following Thursday, when spellings are tested.
Children are given English and Maths homework and weekly spellings. It is suggested that children spend 20 to 30 minutes on each piece of homework. Children should also practice the multiplication and division facts of times tables.
The children are expected to read at least three times a week, with their reading records being signed accordingly.

P.E days: Tuesday and Wednesday. It is suggested that children keep P.E kit in school from Monday to Friday).