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Welcome to Year 3: 2016 - 2017

Please follow our learning experiences on our Year 3 Blog.

Introducing the team:
Class 10: Miss Twinning and Miss Guest
Class 11 Miss Allanson, Mrs  Lott and  Mrs Edwards.



Summer Term's Theme 2016-17: 'No Place Like Home'

Click here for overview: No Place Like Home Theme Map /docs/No_Place_Like_Home_Theme_Map.pdf

This term we will be exploring Pre-Roman Britain, looking in detail at how the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age people lived. We will look at where they settled, how they survived and how life developed. A Stone Age Experience Day will allow the children to put themselves in Stone Age people's shoes. We will also be visiting an Iron Age Fort on Cleeve Common after Half- Term. We will be designing, making and evaluating our own pieces of pottery, as well as creating some cave paintings in the class room! Dance will allow us to express ourselves fully, re-enacting a Stone Age scene.  


Spring Term's Theme 2016-17: 'Routes to shoots'

Click here for overview: /docs/Routes_to_Shoots_Theme_Map_YEAR_3.doc


This term we will be learning all about journeys and life cycles of human and plant life. To begin with, we will be exploring what makes us the people we are, searching family history and identifying where we are rooted, as well as considering how others’ lives may be different to our own . We will be making our own family trees and creating class maps of locations significant to us.

We will then be focusing on how journeys can stem into other areas of nature, following nature’s path and how plants lead their lives! This will be a creatively led, where art, DT, Music and outdoor learning/ Eco Schools will play a large part of our learning. We will be looking at the work of Georgia O’keefe to help inspire our own nature based textile creations and performing our own nature inspired dance using music we have created.


Autumn Term's Theme 2016-17: 'George's Marvellous Medicine'


 Click here for overview: George's Marvellous Medicine Theme Map - Y3


This term, Year 3 will be delving in to the world of Roald Dahl and exploring the exciting events of ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’.

Inspired by George’s concoction, we will be designing our own 'marvellous' medicines to write shape poems and stories about. We will also be designing, making and writing our own instructions for healthy smoothies! Quentin Blake’s illustrations will be a focus for our Art sessions, which will help us to create our own illustrations for the stories we have written. We will also be lucky enough to have a visit from a historical Doctor to teach us about the history of medicine. To finish the theme with a bang, we will be going to see a theatre performance of George’s Marvellous Medicine in Birmingham! We are very much looking forward to this term and the exciting experiences it will bring.

Last Year's Themes: 2015-16

Summer Term 2016 - Summer Theme Map (Blast From The Past!)
Our summer term theme is ‘Blast From The Past’ which will introduce children to different eras. We will be travelling back in time to research and discuss influential people, how technology has changed, leisure and entertainment and will be creating our own outfit inspired by the 60’s and70’s. Children will find a time capsule in the school grounds and take part in making their own.  Children will look at different styles of art throughout the ages: portraits, graffiti and pop art. We will discuss graffiti and why the graffiti culture spread in the 80’s. We will compare this to modern graffiti by Banksy resulting in children creating their own art.
After half term, we will jump back to the Roman era and look at the life in Britain before and after the Romans invaded.  During the Roman age, children will look at sun dials and recognise that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by a solid object.


 Spring Term 2016 - Spring Theme Map 2016 (Born To Be Wild)

Our Spring term theme is "Born to be Wild", based around rainforests of the world. For the first part of the term, we will be looking to see where the rainforests are in the world, what and who lives in the rainforest, looking at the different biomes and the layers of the rainforest. In the second half of the term, the children will focus on deforestation. They will find out why deforestation is happening and the impact on the inhabitants of the rainforest. Please have a look at our blog to see what we are learning about and our theme map.

Autumn 2015 - Autumn Theme Map (Design And Conquer)

Our first theme of the year is "Design and Conquer." We will be focusing on how buildings have changed over time from the Stone Age to the present. As well as learning about  architecture, we will be looking forward to visiting the Dean Heritage Centre and the Cheltenham Literary Festival.

Homework: Homework is given out on a Friday and brought back in to school the following Thursday. Children are given English and Maths homework and it is suggested that children spend 20 minutes on each piece.

P.E days: Monday (swimmimg) and Thursday. It is suggested that children keep P.E kit in school from Monday to Friday.