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Welcome to Year 1: 2016-17

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The Year 1 team:

Class 4: Mrs S Moore, Miss F Ballotti
Class 5: Miss C James, Miss S Harrod
Class 6: Miss S Swift, Miss C Payne

Spring Term's Theme:  2016-17 -  'Frozen Planet'

Click here for theme map:


Frozen Planet

This term our topic is ‘Frozen Planet’ where we will become extraordinary explorers! As part of this topic we will look at the Arctic and the Antarctic. Up until half term we will be venturing into the world of ‘winter fiction’ looking at a selection of Julia Donaldson’s books and ‘Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers.

We will have a very important visitor (in the form of a penguin) visit our classroom and will think about how we can best care for it.

This topic will have a Science and DT focus where the children will be making their own boats and thinking about the best materials to ensure it floats! As explorers we will be looking at climates, season change and creating our own Polar animal dance.

After half term, children will learn the impact of global warming, identify polar animals and how they adapted. They will also research and find out about famous explorers such as, Ernest Shackleton, Robert Scott and our local explorer Edward Wilson.

Autumn Term's Theme:  2016-17 -  'Run as fast as you can'

 Click her for theme map:  Run as fast as you can - theme map- Y1



Last year's themes: 2015-16

Summer Term 2016 - Summer  Theme Map (Buckets and Spades)

In the first half of the term we will be planting seeds, learning all about plants and flowers and their life cycle. Year 1 will be artists, creating their own observational drawings of flowers and looking closely at the sunflower paintings by Van Gogh. We will also be reading non-fiction texts in English, about fruits, vegetables and sunflowers. Our fictions texts will be about imaginary settings. Children will be using their imaginations to write their own stories about fantasy places and adventures.

After half term, our new enquiry is all about seaside holidays. The focus will be to compare a seaside holiday now to one in the past. We will be doing lots of exciting activities based on the seaside and how it has changed over time. 

Let's hope for lots of sun this term so we can spend more time learning outside!

Spring Term 2016 - Spring Theme Map (Frozen Planet)

Our exciting topic for the spring term is 'Frozen Planet'. Year 1 will develop their investigation and questioning skills as they explore the world around them. Geography, Literacy and Science will be the focus subjects for this topic as the children will learn about the habitats in polar regions, their locations and engage in some exciting ice experiments. The children will also be learning about the animals that survive in these regions and look at some of their simple adaptations. We will look at the differences between Arctic and Antarctic and also about famous explorers.  If you have any books, photographs, resources or personal experiences we would love you to share them with us.

Don't forget to check the blog regularly. It is a great way to keep up to date with what your children are learning as well as some activities you can do at home.   

 Autumn Term 2015 - Autumn Theme Map (Under Creative Construction)

The Y1 team at Lakeside are really excited to begin the learning journey, starting with a great new theme, "Under Creative Construction." Our first theme of the year was "Under Creative Construction" which is a fascinating topic in which the children will explore construction and buildings, investigating the history of the local area. They have  a variety of exciting day trips and activities to look forward to.

Children are asked to read daily. Maths and Topic homework will be given regularly.  

Reading books are changed on Monday and Thursday.

P.E days: 

Outdoor PE: All classes- Monday
Class 4&5 - Thursday
Class 6 - Wednesday
It is suggested that children keep P.E kit in school from Monday to Friday.