Lakeside Primary School

Lakeside Primary School
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Staff at Lakeside Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs H Hutchison
Deputy Headteacher: Miss T Richards

Senior Leadership Team:
Phase 1 Leaders:
EYFS/Reception: Mrs S Teece / Miss L Paddock

Phase 2 Leader:
Y1 and Y2: Mrs J Whitmore
Lower Key Stage 2 Leader:
Y3 and Y4:  Miss L Twinning

Upper Key Stage 2 Leader:
Y5 and Y6: Mrs N Beacham

Inclusion Manager (SENDCo):
Miss J Hinch


Reception Classes
Class 1
Teacher: Miss Sims

Teaching Assistant: Miss B Oxley
Class 2
Teacher: Mrs S Teece

Teaching Assistant: Miss S Partridge
Class 3
Teacher: Miss L Paddock

Teaching Assistant: Mrs M Stewart

Year One
Class 4
Teacher: Miss E Hetterley

Teaching Assistant: Miss F Bellotti
Class 5
Teacher: Miss C James

Teaching Assistant: Miss S Harrod
Class 6
Teacher: Miss S Swift
Teaching Assistant: Miss C Payne

Year Two
Class 7
Teacher: Mr E Guest

Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Chappell, Miss W Daniels
Class 8
Teachers: Mrs K Tomkins, Mr R Fisher
Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Connolly

Class 9
Teachers: Mrs J Whitmore, Mrs S Banner
Teaching Assistants: Mrs T Keen, Mrs E Taylor

Year Three

Class 10
Teacher: Miss Twinning
Teaching Assistant: Mrs R Betteridge

Class 11

Teacher: Miss J Allanson 

Teaching Assistants: Miss C Lott, Mrs M Edwards

Year Four
Class 12
Teacher: Miss L Hammond

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Evans
Class 13
Teachers: Mrs C Gourley, Mr S Loach

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C Hathaway.

Year Five
Class 14
Teachers: Mrs K Griffiths, Miss T Richards

Teaching Assistant: Mrs R Wallace
Class 15
Teacher: Mr N Jones

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Leech

Year Six
Class 16
Teacher: Miss L Young

Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Briers
Class 17
Teachers: Mrs N Beacham, Mrs R Rice

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Dickson, Miss D Guest

Forest School – Miss F Bellotti

Other School Staff

School Secretary - Mrs S Bailey
School Admin Assistants - Mrs G Heath and Mrs R Carter
Finance Officer - Mr R Sims
School Business Manager - Mrs J Main                                                                          Caretakers - Mr A Sutton, Mr P Harwood
HLTAs - Mrs R Betteridge, Mrs R Wallace, Mrs K Leech
SENDCo Assistant - Miss S Rees
SEND Support Staff - Miss D Guest, Miss E Taylor, Miss R Berry